"Thomas conjured a wonderfully rich world from his instrument in this 
spellbinding concert. Anyone interested in the best of what's being written 
for the contemporary guitar should seek out Alan Thomas, who exudes 
confidence and pleasure in his inspired playing and repertoire." 
Classical Guitar (England)

"What strikes one most about this collection are Thomas's bold 
arrangements. Thomas takes the feverishly adolescent exuberance of "She 
Loves You" and transforms it into a lovely, achy, mature love song. It's a 
completely fresh reading and beautiful -- and it's pure genius." 
"Alan Thomas is an intelligent and meticulous performer who applies his 
innovative approach and vision to probe the guitar's greatest depths." 
Yeniyuzyil (Istanbul) 

"…a player of great technical facility. The MacDowell transcriptions were 
excellent and the Rodrigo pieces rousing." 
Soundboard (USA) 
"The guitar in the hands of this master effortlessly conveyed the stylistic 
contrasts and overcame the most daunting technical difficulties." 
Musica Viva (Sofia) 
"…vast personal and musical charm… Alan Thomas's concert programs 
are distinguished by a masterly virtuosity, exceptional expressiveness, and 
a unique and inimitable style."
The Azerbaijan (Baku) 
"The Per Norgard highlights [of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music 
Festival] all came on a Sunday morning concert by the guitarist Alan 
Thomas. Exploiting all the guitar's richness, Jack of Diamonds was 
dispatched with strutting yet sensitive style." 
The Times (London) 
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